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If you can’t tie a knot…

…tie a lot.

I am a knot tyer, knot proselytizer and when possible, incorporate knots into my work. One way I have done that is by teaching folks various knots using my knot practice sandwich board or other formats.

Top knots to know:
-Super secure shoelace knot (download instructions here)
-Bowline aka King of Knots (fingertip method, on a bight, spilled hitch method)
-Truckers hitch (slip knot and slipped 1/2 hitch)
-Clove hitch
-Rolling hitch

Best knot books:
Chapman’s Nautical Guide to Knots by Brion Toss
If you want a beginner knot book this has great knot philosophy and explanations. Big fan.

Ashley Book of Knots
referred to as the ‘knot tyer’s bible’ has over 3000 knots, def for the enthusiast.