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Mobile Sign Shop

The Mobile Sign Shop (MSS) is inspired by the vernacular of cabin name signs found in Northern Minnesota. At the beginning of roads leading to a lake with cabins, there can often be found a collection of wooden/engraved/painted/ handmade signs bearing the names of residents i.e. The Thompson’s in the case of my grandparents.

The MSS is housed on a trailer that provides an attention getting location stocked with sign making supplies. This trailer is not a standard utility trailer, but recognizable as a location for activity, painted brightly, with flags and sample signs. Inserting a non-standard, incongruous tool into public space, brings out people’s curiosity and willingness to engage.

The MSS provides guidance and prompts on how to make a name sign along with materials, paint and brushes etc. as well as assistance in carving out letters with a router. More than materials we provide a location for people to converse about something we all have stories about, our names and families. The MSS comes fully staffed with a facilitator and sign carver.

You can find out how to hire the Mobile Sign Shop by visiting
current pics here-facebook.com/MobileSignShop

Mobile Sign Shop schedule, Summer 2024!

Saturday, May 25, 1-4pm
West St Paul (Wentworth Library)

Tuesday, May 28, 4-7pm
Hastings (Pleasant Hill Library)

Saturday, June 1, 10-1pm
Zumbrota Library/SELCO

Monday, June 3rd- 5-7:30
St Peter Library- Minnesota Square Park

Friday, June 7-1-4pm
Stewartville Library

Saturday, June 15
Arlington MN Library

Thurs, June 20, 1-4pm
Fairmont Library

Fri, June 21, 10-1pm
Blooming Prairie, MN

Friday, June 28, 1-4pm
Rushford Library/SELCO

Monday, July 1, 2-5pm
Austin Library/SELCO

Wed, July 3, 2-5pm
Albert Lea Library/SELCO

July 4, 11-2pm
Harmony, MN
Harmony Public Library

Viking Library System tour
July 18, 1:00-4:00pm
Browns Valley Public Library

July 19- two-fer
Evansville City Park, hosted by the Evansville Art Center
2:00-5:00pm: Glenwood Public Library

July 20, two-fer
Pelican Rapids Public Library
Henning Landmark Center, Henning, MN

July 21, 11am-2pm
Creative Art Center, hosted by Art of the Lakes | 112 Main Street West, Battle Lake

August 3- time TBD
Tyler, MN-Lincoln County Fair

September 28, 10-1pm
Winona Library/SELCO