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The Temporary Table Tennis Trailer (TTTT) engages residents, business owners, patrons and passers-by in the sport of ping pong (also known as table tennis), through creating Popup Ping Pong Parks. An Olympic sport, table tennis can be played by people of any age or skill level including singles and doubles. The Popup PP Parks will be places for play, conversation and connection.

The Temporary Table Tennis Trailer consists of a steel top mounted to a trailer allowing it to travel anywhere. A detachable tow bar and four trailer jacks level and stabilize the table. It follows standard dimensions for a Ping Pong table, 5′x 9′ with a height of 30 inches with a metal net. The table functions perfectly for the sport, it is meant to feel the same in play as any tournament quality Ping Pong table. Paddles and balls are always with the table to facilitate spontaneous play. Benches are provided for spectators and players to hang out and converse.

Available for rent– read more about it at www.ReadyGoArt.com