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Bell Portfolio

Work Samples for Bell Museum RARP

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I.C.E. (Intentional Conceptual Effort) Expedition took place on the frozen surface of Medicine Lake.

Flag Services
Flags inspired by vacant flag poles in my neighborhood. I contacted neighbors with an offer to make them a flag.

Tent Services
Tent Services is a very affordable service currently based in my garage in South Minneapolis that provides Expeditionary Conversation Tents for checkout.

Code Flags for St Petersburg
Inspired by nautical code flags that are used by navies and ships around the world, Code Flags for St. Petersburg used a six flag and code system to facilitate dialog among attendees of Art Prospect Festival.

Olfactory Tour
Participants biked and explored scent as a way to discover and map the city, ferreting out the impacts of smell on place, experience and memory.

Mobile Sign Shop
The Mobile Sign Shop (MSS) is inspired by the vernacular of cabin name signs found in Northern Minnesota.