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Flags for the Loppet Cup

Flags for the Loppet Cup was a participatory flag project that engaged fans of the Loppet in making flags that represent what they find important about Theodore Wirth Park and Loppet Foundation. All the flags will flew at Wirth in February 2024 to be decoded and enjoyed by athletes and spectators at the Loppet Cup.

What happend?
A series of public flag making workshops will took place in Fall of 2024. At the workshops participants with started with a pre-made “flag blank”. Next, they picked from a code system of symbols that represent multiple ideas about what makes Wirth/Loppet amazing to them. Participants then arranged symbols on a flag blank and sat down with a sewer to stitch onto flag. The flag was then grommeted and ready to hang. After all the workshops took place, flags will flew at the Loppet Cup for the world to see what we think is important about this place. Visitors could find instructions for decoding the flags.