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Flags for Iowa City

What is it?

Flags for Iowa City is a participatory flag project that will engage residents in making flags that represent them and what they find important about Iowa City. All the flags will fly over Black Hawk Mini Plaza this summer to be decoded and enjoyed by the whole city.


What will happen?

A series of public flag making workshops will take place this Spring. At the workshops participants with start with a pre-made “flag blank”. Next, pick from a code system of symbols that represent multiple ideas about what makes Iowa City amazing to you (for example, a symbol for river, the University and newcomers). Participants then arrange symbols on a flag blank and sit down with a sewer to stitch onto flag. The flag is then grommeted and ready to hang. After all the workshops have taken place, flags will fly above Black Hawk Mini Plaza so the entire city can see what their fellow citizens think is important about Iowa City. Visitors will find instructions for decoding the flags in the plaza. No sewing experience necessary!


When can I make a flag?

Exact times and locations for flag making workshops are still TBD, but will take place in several parts of the city, with the help of other organizations. These will be drop-in events, open to anyone, likely in late April-June.


How can I be more involved?

Get in touch! We will need to folks to help at the flag making workshops, everything from sewing to helping participants pick out code symbols to operating the grommet press. You can email me to get more info, peter@phtpht.com

Who is doing this?

Flags for Iowa City is a project by Minneapolis based artist Peter Haakon Thompson in collaboration with Iowa City Downtown District.

Peter Haakon Thompson is an artist based in Minneapolis, MN, whose primary mediums are participation, interaction and conversation. Some of his works include: The A Project, Art Shanty Projects, Mobile Sign Shop and Flag Services for South Minneapolis. He is a past recipient of a McKnight Fellowship for Photographers and holds a BFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts and an MFA from the University of Minnesota. He also has cousins who live in Iowa City!

More info about past and current projects here: phtpht.com