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Hi Flying Flags

Hi Flying Flags is an outgrowth of my artistic practice and projects using flags (Flag Services for South Minneapolis, Code Flags for St Petersburg, and Poll Pole for example) that seeks to connect new audiences to flags as art. Plus I love making flags, honing my craft and creating new avenues to pay for what I love to do.

Hi Flying Flags are artist designed and sewn flags, inspired by nautical pennants, burgees, house flags and code flags. As a sailor I am drawn to flags for their many uses in nautical communication and their sail-like connection to the wind. As an artist I appreciate the public art nature of flying a flag in front of your house.

-The lake series honors Minnesota’s connection to water and lakes. Fly a flag of your favorite lake with pride.

-The bike series consists of simpler (and lower price point flags) for use on bikes, bike trailers etc.

Online ordering coming soon– for now send me an email to purchase!

Hi Flying logo by Alex DeArmond!